Pytds - Microsoft SQL Server database adapter for Python

Pytds is the top to bottom pure Python TDS implementation, that means cross-platform, and no dependency on ADO or FreeTDS. It supports large parameters (>4000 characters), MARS, timezones, new date types (datetime2, date, time, datetimeoffset). Even though it is implemented in Python performance is comparable to ADO and FreeTDS bindings.

It also supports Python 3.


Connection to Mirrored Servers

When MSSQL server is setup with mirroring you should connect to it using two parameters of pytds.connect(), one parameter is server this should be a main server and parameter failover_partner should be a mirror server. See also MSDN article.

Table Valued Parameters

Here is example of using TVP:

with conn.cursor() as cur:
    cur.execute('CREATE TYPE dbo.CategoryTableType AS TABLE ( CategoryID int, CategoryName nvarchar(50) )')

    tvp = pytds.TableValuedParam(type_name='dbo.CategoryTableType', rows=rows_gen())
    cur.execute('SELECT * FROM %s', (tvp,))


To run tests you need to have tox installed. Also you would want to have different versions of Python, you can use pyenv to install those.

At a minimun you should set HOST environment variable to point to your SQL server, e.g.:

export HOST=mysqlserver

it could also specify SQL server named instance, e.g.:

export HOST=mysqlserver\\myinstance

By default tests will use SQL server integrated authentication using user sa with password sa and database test. You can specify different user name, password, database with SQLUSER, SQLPASSWORD, DATABASE environment variables.

To enable testing NTLM authentication you should specify NTLM_USER and NTLM_PASSWORD environment variables.

Once environment variables are setup you can run tests by running command:


Test configuration stored in tox.ini file at the root of the repository.

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